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When Cornelia James arrived in England in 1939 as a refugee from Nazi occupied Vienna, she brought with her nothing but a suitcase and a steely determination to succeed. In 1947 the couturier Norman Hartnell asked her to make gloves to accessorise the Princess's going away outfit and in 1979 she became glovemaker ‘by appointment’ to Her Majesty the Queen. Three generations later, the family business is still making gloves by hand in Sussex, England. Experience is measured in years, but success is marked in moments made special by great gloves.

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We put a lot into a pair of our gloves. Not least, 96 inches of stitching, each one executed with care and precision to make a glove fit to stand the test of time. One glovemaker fashions the glove from start to finish and - when it's done - they put their name to it. It's personal.

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Her Majesty the Queen - a moment remembered by Genevieve James-Cornelia James

Her Majesty the Queen - a moment remembered by Genevieve James

Pens finer by far than mine have described the extraordinary sense of loss that so many of us are feeling in the wake of the Queen’s death. In an uncertain world she was one of the fixed points by which many of us, unconsciously, navigated our way through life. To lose that fixed point leaves us suddenly all at sea, without a compass.
The 20 Best Wedding Gloves for the Timeless Bride-Cornelia James

The 20 Best Wedding Gloves for the Timeless Bride

Wondering if bridal gloves are the addition you need to finish the wedding look? Even though gloves are not ‘required’ by wedding etiquette as they were until the 1960s, brides may choose to wear gloves as an elegant statement. Few accessories can add such a timeless feel to a wedding look as a pair of bridal gloves. Generally, the choice of glove depends on the style of the sleeve. Once you have said ‘Yes to the Dress,’ the glove shopping begins.
Long Leather Gloves: This Year’s Fashion Essential-Cornelia James

Long Leather Gloves: This Year’s Fashion Essential

Leather: uniting motorcyclists, punks, musketeers (more on that later) and fashion aficionados since the very dawn of time. The textile equivalent to a sparkling A-list celebrity, not a decade has passed without the emergence of a trademark leather piece – from the 1960’s and its rocker motorcycle jackets, to the ‘70s and its patent platform Mary Janes. And, with those in the know nodding towards a new kid (skin) on the block, this year’s darling of the fashion world is one that’s very close to our heart – a classic pair of long leather gloves. 

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“Design student flees Nazi scourge, arrives in England with suitcase full of fabrics, finds fame and fortune as glove maker to the Queen”.

Cornelia had studied art and design in Vienna and arrived in England as a refugee in 1939. After the war, in a world made drab by rationing, the leather gloves that she made in a huge range of colours became fashion essentials. Vogue magazine profiled her as “the colour Queen of England” and Cornelia quickly established a thriving business supplying gloves to couturiers and leading stores.

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Millie Mackintosh | BAFTAS 2024-Cornelia James

Millie Mackintosh | BAFTAS 2024

Millie Mackintosh wearing our Arabella Tulle Gloves for the Baftas 2024
Jessica Clarke | Ellen Von Unworth-Cornelia James

Jessica Clarke | Ellen Von Unworth

Jessica Clarke | Ellen Von Unworth
Avenue by Josephine Scott-Cornelia James

Avenue by Josephine Scott

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